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Ghost Shops of Portland

Thurs 09 Sept, Fri 10 Sept, Sat 11 Sept and Sun 12 Sept on demand

That Other Place

Historical images of Portland shops, semi-animated and made silly.

Originally made to preclude the sort-of-flight-simulator 2018 b-side commission, ‘Fly By Night’, these adverts show historical images of Portland shops, semi-animated and made silly, while hopefully retaining historical interest. Assuming the viewers can figure out what’s real and what isn’t!

I feel indebted to Stuart Morris and also to all the people from all those years ago who posthumously appear in the films. I hope they would find them entertaining and like to think they’d be happy to have you watching them again in 2021!

Available at ThatOther.place 





The photos came from local historian, Stuart Morris who very kindly let me purge his incredible collection of images and was very supportive of the project. 

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