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Thurs 09 Sept and Fri 10 Sept 8:45 - 9:00

Your laptop or phone

Remember school assemblies? That’s what we’re talking about - only much more fun!

Assembly started in the first UK Lockdown as a way of connecting people and making sure we got out of bed! Every weekday morning at 9am, people from across the country get together on Zoom for 10 minutes. Random households take it in turns to host an assembly, sharing passions, games, skills and performances.  Anyone is welcome to drop in, or to host an Assembly!  

Join Assembly live from Portland during b-side festival and see what happens. When you come to Assembly, there’s zero pressure to have your camera on or to speak, or to come again... But you might find you get hooked! It can swing your mood around in 10 minutes.   

Available at ThatOther.place


Fancy joining in?

Here’s how:  

1.Join the Assembly! Facebook group page or WhatsApp group  

2. Every day there is a new Zoom link posted to the top of the Facebook page 

3. Click on that day’s link and join the Assembly, any time from 8:50am  

4. At 9am the host kicks off the 10 minute Assembly. 


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