Tiffany Murphy and Olivia Lamont Bishop

Tiffany Murphy ( is an award-winning performer, performance artist and researcher, whose work is a fusion of live art, queer cabaret and clowning. Olivia Lamont Bishop ( is a theatre maker, dramaturg and researcher. For It’s Where We Go, Tiffany and Olivia have collaborated with Ian Howorth ( who is a Brighton based photographer and has provided imagery that accompanies the work. 

Tiffany and Olivia’s past collaborations include It’s Where We Go (live), performed at Coastival Festival, 2016, Herne Bay Festival, 2016 and Tenby Arts Festival, 2016, and VOILAWHIRL, performed at DICE! Festival at Summerhall 2017 and The Glory in 2017.

Tiffany Murphy and Olivia Lamont Bishop's b-side Portfolio

An image of two maps of Portland in blue and purple

That Other Place

Explore That Other Place a mirror image of the Isle of Portland, a parallel universe - but not the same.


b-side festival 2021

A thousand ideas, one amazing island

09 - 12 Sept 2021

Event Archive

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Its Where We Go

09 Sept, 10 Sept, 11 Sept and 12 Sept All Day

That Other Place

An audiovisual performance archive of seaside memories