Sue Palmer and Joff Winterhart - No 1 Bus

Sue Palmer and Joff Winterhart

The 2010 Universal Value Commission has been awarded to Sue Palmer and Joff Winterhart. The artists will produce interdisciplinary, site-responsive work which explores the relationship we have to the surrounding coast, examining geographies of heritage and creativity, culture and location.

The work will be made during the B-Side Festival in Weymouth and Portland on the No 1 Bus. Weymouth - Portland Return Sue and Joff will be working on the No 1 Bus that runs between Weymouth and Portland.

On selected days over the festival, they will be encountering and meeting with the passengers and drivers of the number one - talking, drawing and songwriting. By going there and back, collecting and giving, they will be meeting people on the bus and at the stops along the way. Through these exchanges of words and drawings over the festival, they will write a (b-side) single especially for the bus. The No 1 song will be 'released' on the last Saturday of the festival. Short films, drawings and other artwork collected during the journeys on the bus will be available via the PVA MediaLab website after the festival.

Joff Winterhart is a drawing artist, animator and drummer, and Sue Palmer makes performance, sound, video and digital work. They like working together to make things with other people – conversation, songs, visual work and animation.

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Joff's animation work through: and Joff's music at


Post festival update:

This is the song that they made with their friend Simon Roberts. The single is inspired by the conversations that they had with passengers and drivers. Commissioned by PVA Media lab and b-side Multi Media Festival.