Richard DeDomenici - Portland Bill Redux

Richard DeDomenici

During the festival Richard DeDomenici will recut and redub episodes of the beloved 1980's animated children's television show Portland Bill so that they accurately reflect the concerns and mores of the people of the Isle of Portland in 2014. Look out for him trawling the Island for potential storylines and new voices to help him create this new series. Could you be Portland Bill?

What will feature in these reimagined animations? What are the concerns of Portland in the 21st century? Will Dogger and Cromarty encounter any sticky situations?

Catch Richard’s new versions of ‘Portland Bill’ at various locations before they are uploaded to the internet,: enabling people far and wide to engage with Portland, its unique geography, people, and worldview.

"My anarcho-surrealist interventions and acts of low-grade civil disobedience create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility. I make work that's social, playful, critical, and political – although not always simultaneously."

View an episode of Portland Bill here


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Richard DeDomenici

The Pedal Powered Cinema Portland Bill Redux screening

Outside Cove House Inn

Come and see the first outdoor screening of Richard DeDomenici’s ‘Portland Bill: Redux’ – that beloved 1980’s children’s animation – recut,

Richard DeDomenici, Portland Bill Redux

Portland Bill Redux - The Final 5

Royal Manor Theatre

A chance to catch up with artist and film maker Richard DeDomenici after a busy week creating the 'Portland Bill' Redux series, Richard will talk