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Liz Kilili

Liz Kilili , Chief Mechanic of Creatives Garage builds spaces where their imagination can run wild. Virtual galleries, graphic novels, abandoned buildings, a friend's backyard (basically anywhere). In these spaces, Liz uses film, tech, and any other tool available to release the torrent of creative ideas that builds up in their mind. And when the noises stop, they also create a better world through her organization Creatives Garage that supports creatives live their dreams.

Creatives Garage is an arts Collective and creative agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. We conceptualise, create and distribute content fed by African narratives. We film scripts written by undiscovered talent, publish books by revolutionary women, host art exhibitions, record and distribute podcasts and music and more. We also develop tools that embrace emerging and existing tech to build kenya's creative economy.


Liz Kilili's b-side Portfolio

An image of two maps of Portland in blue and purple

That Other Place

Explore That Other Place a mirror image of the Isle of Portland, a parallel universe - but not the same.


b-side festival 2021

A thousand ideas, one amazing island

09 - 12 Sept 2021