Eyebrow - Still and Still Moving


Eyebrow are Pete Judge and Paul Wigens, multi award winning musicians who using only a drum kit, a trumpet, and a gaggle of stomp-boxes, create music of cinematic grandeur. Their work prowls the boundaries between composition and improvisation, stillness and movement.
For b-side, Eyebrow have composed a ‘soundtrack’ inspired by a section of the Rodwell Trail that connects Sandsfoot Castle with Portland Castle; taking inspiration from the unique landscapes along the route, where the quietly shifting natural environment rubs up against the past and present of human activity. Expect music of broad brushstrokes and subtle details, in which field recordings blur the listener’s sense of what’s happening within and outside their headphones.  Take a walk along Rodwell Trail and look out for QR code signs along the way to scan and download the soundtrack.

“Spellbindingly rhythmic drums and the deft soar of trumpet. Utterly wonderful” - (AAA Music)

Eyebrow's b-side Portfolio


b-side Festival 2012

b-side festival 2012 took place in Weymouth & Portland across two sites as part of the Maritime Mix Cultural Olympiad Programme.